Smart Helmet Solution
Improve Health, Safety & Efficiency
Smart helmet for construction
with cloud management platform

Construction industry has 8% of the total workforce but occupies 1/3 of the total industrial accidents.

DasLoop was born for this:
In construction sites, helmets are the most important PPE. By providing an all round protection and cloud management platform, DasLoop is going to redefine site management.
Falling, Standstill Detection
Built-in accelerometer detects accidental fall or standstill situation
Heart Rate,
Body Temperature Detection
Built-in sensors to track workers' state of health, detecting whether an abnormal condition exists
Personnel Management
Including: attendance report, license expiration reminder, helmet on/off
Precise Real-Time
Outdoor Positioning
Using GPS to provide precise location of workers.
Restricted Area Management
Any hazardous or specific area can be set as restricted area. Any unauthorized entry will trigger alert.
Public Announcement
Announce pre-recorded audio messages to selected/all worker(s) at work in the real time inside the DasLoop.
Indoor Positioning
Dasbeacon BLE - fast and cost effective indoor positioning.
DasAoA - centimetre level accuracy indoor positioning.
Visualise in 3D model.
Centralise IoT Cloud Platform for Construction

Digital transformation of sites

- All in one cloud platform
- Clear interface
- Real Time Information
- Master safety management with one hand
Provide enough lighting in the dark
Replaceable Peaks
Multi-colored peaks to classify different trade of workers

Indicator Light
Flashing light:
connection status
Switchable warning lights:
blue & red
Panic Button
SOS signal in emergency
Wireless Charging Solution
Charge 5 helmets at the same time
8-slot Battery Charger
Charge 8 lithium batteries at the same time
Smart Helmet
(Camera Version)
Cooperating with livecall feature, capturing the latest news from construction site. Up to four viewers at the same time.
Live Call
Real time Live Streaming Feature
Up to 4 viewers at the same time. To receive the latest news from construction site
Indicator Light
Blue - Normal
Red - Low battery level
Up to 1080p and 10 fps
Provide enough lighting in the dark
Power Button
Power on/off the camera
Light Button
Enable/disable the flash light
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