Gas Detector
Portable Gas Detection Device
- Simultaneously monitor and display five types of gases
- Impact-resistant, explosion-proof body (Explosion-proof rating: Ex ia IIC T4 Ga)
- Dustproof, waterproof structure (Protection rating: IP66/68)
- Automatic backlight display
- Automatic screen rotation
All values are kept within the safe range, All normal will show good
Normal Oxygen Level
Normal Flammable Gases Level
Normal Flammable Gases Level
Normal Carbon Monoxide Level
Normal Hydrogen Sulfide Level
Normal Sulfur Dioxide Level
Normal Carbon Dioxide Level
Does not pose an immediate danger but requires caution.
Reach any of the states below will show attention.
High Sulfur Dioxide Level
High Carbon Dioxide Level
Staying in this environment can be dangerous, Reach any of the states below will send immediate alert and show hazardous
Excessively Low/High Oxygen Level
Excessive Flammable Gases Level
Excessive Flammable Gases Level
Excessive Carbon Monoxide Level
Excessive Hydrogen Sulfide Level
Excessive Sulfur Dioxide Level
Excessive Carbon Dioxide Level
DasGas Dashboard
Bluetooth connects to helmet, uploads gas data to cloud in real-time
Application Scenarios of DasGas
- The portable gas detector (DasGas) can detect toxic gases in the vicinity of the wearer.
- Gas reaching a warning level triggers instant alerts, notifying nearby personnel through the safety helmet's voice system.
- Suitable for use in confined space systems.
Confined Space Monitoring System
Detects air quality, personnel count, physical signs, and location in enclosed spaces for enhanced safety monitoring
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